Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things I'd like to see

The Rolling Stones said "You Can't Always Get What You Want", but that never stopped me from dreaming. As we get ready for the Seals 2nd half charge to the playoffs, I thought I'd assemble a list of things from the first half that I really think we are missing out on - things that would complete us as the loyal Seals fans that we are, and elevate our baseball experience from really good to totally awesome, dude.

So here is what I wish I could see in the second half:

1) Visiting team players and their stats shown on the scoreboard when they are at bat, just like we see for the Seals. It can't be too hard to pull up from Pointstreak.
2) Stats updated in real time so that each at bat, the result of the previous one is reflected when displayed later in the game.
3) Aaron Easton take an at bat. Every other Seals pitcher - including Brandon Villafuerte - has had a hack, let's give the big guy his shot!
4) Wilver "The Swiper" Perez break the record for stolen bases. He's on track, so let's hope he keeps rocking!
5) T-Mac and Jino bend their caps. Just because!
6) An upgrade to the Atari-like graphics of the RAP Crab Races. I like the fact we have localized it with crabs, but every time I watch it I expect a pong game to break out afterwards. Come on boys, fire up those computer-like things and "Avatar" us.
7) Kip "Grumpy" Gross crack a smile. Boonie was a bit too flippant, but Gross has done an outstanding job bearing down and setting up the Seals for a second half charge. Come on Kip, wave to that little kid and enjoy the moment - you've earned it.
8) Some new sound effects at the ball park. While the sound of broken glass was funny at first, and the Homer "Woo Hoo" makes for a good drinking game, they get old quickly. Mix it up! Throw in some Family Guy quotes or lines from famous movies. I'm sure someone has a kid who could pull something together in about 10 minutes.
9) Charlie Strandlund get a start. He's had a couple of successful, albeit short, outings on the mound and I say, give him a chance to show what he can do. It may grow his confidence. He seems like a real positive influence on the bench and I'd love to see him succeed in the field of play.
10) The Seals make the playoffs. How cool of an atmosphere would that be at the RAP? I'm in for September ball...are YOU???